The Non-Alcoholic Drink That Complements the Aura of Each Zodiac Sign

Aries Astrologers suggest that soda is the ideal non-alcoholic drink for Aries' personality.

Taurus Astrologers recommend a lavender latte as the perfect non-alcoholic drink for Taurus' attitude.

Geminis require electrolyte-rich drinks like freshly squeezed lemonade to be energized.

Astrologers say matcha suits Cancer's attitude. Cancers appreciate a cozy drink on the couch as one of the zodiac's largest homebodies.

Astrologers say Leos prefer fruit juice.Leos love aesthetics, so don't be surprised if they order a fun fruit drink at brunch despite having "no idea what's in it," adds Gerdes.

Astrologer: Virgo's non-alcoholic drink is green juice.Gerdes suggests Virgos drink a fresh green juice to clear their minds and stay organized.

Astrologers say Libra-friendly non-alcoholic drinks are mineral water. Libra always has a drink that everyone will like since they want to make others happy. 

According to an astrologer, Scorpios prefer black coffee.Scorpios need a drink as intense as they are, thus the astrologer says the water sign has a “misunderstood craving for black coffee.”

Non-alcoholic canned cocktails suit Sagittarius' attitude, according to... As free-spirited travelers, Sagittarians cannot be confined to one drink. 

Aquarius An astrologer says Aquarius' energy fits specialty tea.

Gerdes suggests ginger drinks for Capricorns to help them handle their various tasks.

Astrologers say butterfly pea tea suits Pisces as a non-alcoholic drink.The astrologer says Pisces will always choose a blue lotus or butterfly pea latte because they feel connected to the fantastical and “support their dreamy nature and connection to the third eye.”