The perfect jewellery to wear according to your zodiac sign

The mentor's or wise one's function is to inspire change. This catharsis process might be enjoyable at times.


You can't keep running away from yourself or from what makes you uncomfortable. 


The masks are useful. They contribute to the creation of space between us and the outside world. 


This month, use your generosity to question yourself, "How can I serve the collective better?"


The human psyche is as complex as it is wondrous, often prompting us to inflict on someone the same anguish that was inflicted on us.


The seeds you sown some time ago have grown into saplings. Continue to care for them and enjoy watching them grow. 


Transform your wounds into wisdom and discover new facets of yourself. This is the month to go deeper, remembering that everything is part of the divine design.


The cards speak of mastery; of assuming your role as a mentor and sharing your direct experiences with others.


'Originality' is your power word this month, Sagittarius, so unite with the creative energies.


We cannot change or repair our exterior reality. What we can do is look with sparkling eyes for the silver lining in every scenario. 


The physical vessel is a gift that permits you to perform the many parts that you are supposed to play while on Earth.


We sometimes dim our lights because we are afraid of shining too brightly and overshadowing people around us.


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