The Relationship Between Zodiac Signs and Flowers

1. Aries—Red Poppy The passionate Red Poppy matches your bold and ambitious Aries character. Your go-getter nature matches this vibrant flower's strength and prosperity. 

2. Taurus—Valley Lily Taurus, dependable, pairs with the delicate Lily of the Valley. Discover how this beautiful flower increases your nurturing nature and gives peace to your life.

3. Lavender Gemini For the inquiring and flexible Gemini, lavender's relaxing scent is ideal. Discover how lavender calms and enhances your curiosity.

4. Cancer—White Rose As loving and sensitive as Cancer, the ancient White Rose radiates sympathy. Explore the White Rose's emotional meaning and its relationship to your loving nature.

5. Leo: Sunflower Leo's enthusiasm and sunny disposition match the beautiful Sunflower. Allow this flower's energy to enhance your natural glow.

6. Morning Glory, Virgo Virgo is organized and detail-oriented, like Morning Glory. Discover this flower's symbolism and how it enhances your analysis.

7. Libra—Blue Hydrangea Libra, diplomatic and peaceful, likes the relaxing Blue Hydrangea. Find out how this flower brings harmony and serenity.

8. Scorpio—Chrysanthemum Scorpio is intense and mysterious, and the Dark Red Chrysanthemum is its perfect companion. Explore this flower's meaning and its relationship to your deep emotions.

9. Sagittarian Carnation Sagittarius, adventurous and enthusiastic, matches Carnation, vibrant and versatile. Explore this flower's meanings and how it suits your free-spiritedness.

10. Capricorn—Ivy Calm and determined Capricorn flourish with evergreen Ivy. Discover how this plant's symbolism matches your determination.

11. Aquarius -- Orchid Aquarius is creative and independent, and the orchid is its flower. Explore the rich symbolism of this flower and how it relates to your visionary mind.

12. Pisces—Water Lily Pisces loves the Water Lily, kind and artistic. Discover the spiritual importance of this flower and how it boosts intuition.