The Romantic Zodiac Signs, From Most to Least

The world of romance and dating can, at times, give the impression of being a minefield filled with warning signs,

horror stories, and general incompatibility. If you've had a string of unsuccessful dates and are on the verge of giving up on love,

consulting the zodiac signs and learning about their individual approaches to romantic relationships may be able to assist (via Greatist).

Obviously, there is a spectrum that people's individual conceptions of romance may be placed on (via The Conversation). 

While some of the zodiac signs have a natural talent to court and captivate their partner, others don't have a single amorous bone in their bodies.

Some signs are more likely to organize intimate gatherings or experiences that would live long in the memory,

whereas others would rather lavish their significant other with presents. There is no correct or incorrect way to live your life.

However, knowing the astrological sign of your spouse can assist provide significant insight into their approach to love and relationships, and it can spare you a lot of misery in the long run.

Refer to our guide on the zodiac signs classified from most romantic to least romantic whether you are in the midst

of an exciting new romance or have been in a committed relationship for a considerable amount of time.