The six zodiac signs that are the most stubborn

We all know someone with strong opinions. And dealing with their stubbornness can be frustrating, especially if they're close.

These tenacious zodiac signs usually win every dispute, even if they're not sure of the facts.

To be honest, stubbornness at work or at school is enlightening, but in real life, it's disastrous.

As a stubborn zodiac sign, you can always overcome others, yet your friends may not tolerate your stubbornness.

Taurus is undoubtedly the stubbornest sign. Their stubbornness is due to their fiery bull character.


Capricorn is stubborn only when sure, unlike Taurus. Before you can prove your ideas wrong with facts, people won't listen to your pep talk. 


Aries are obstinate zodiac signs because they dominate. Aries hate losing and see everything as a competition.


While recognizing their actions or words are incorrect, Virgo refuses to accept them. They desire to be independent and responsible for everything, including their finances and life choices.


Aquarius's most bold, controversial, and progressive ideas sometimes go against popular belief. 


Due to their dual nature, Geminis have a quirky relationship with stubbornness. However, the sign is too stubborn about their clothes, movies, shopping spots, etc.