The Two Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Hit the Lotto

GambLizard found that 317 Capricorn sea goats won nearly $200,000 in 2022. Pisces have won $14,570,420 in lotteries this year, the most!

Astrologers frequently roll their eyes at numbers like this—luck isn't determined by a sun sign. 

A client asking about luck would look at Jupiter or the fifth house (speculative affairs) and eighth house (inheritances and unearned income).

Some transits can offer extra luck! Astrology studies fate and fortune, thus many factors play a role.

But! Looking at these figures, I laughed—this survey makes astrological sense. Capricorn and Pisces are lucky solar signs. 

Generalizations may work sometimes! Let's explain why Capricorn and Pisces are more likely to win the jackpot and why they should avoid slots.

Taurus, Capricorn's fifth house, indicates spring's lushest and most plentiful season. Taurus can be stubborn and plodding, like a bull relaxing in a field. 


Pisces' fifth house is Cancer—summer's first sign. Even Cancer's earliest origins symbolize fertility because ancient astrologers used the Nile River's periodic flooding to indicate the start of Cancer season.