The Weight  Watchers Program

Despite the fact that entire body wellness is the ideal mindset for long-term healthy eating success, some of us may need to focus on weight maintenance for health reasons.

If that describes you, the WeightWatchers Program is a good option because it gives you some flexibility over how you spend your points (and certain items don't cost any points at all).

"The ZeroPoints system allows members to choose from a list of over 200 ZeroPoint foods that don't need to be weighed, measured,

or tracked, and Points values for every food are now the same for everyone (with some exceptions for those following their diabetes-tailored plan)," Sassos explains.

This emphasis on moderation while maintaining establishing dietary guidelines may be one of the reasons

why persons on the WW plan are more likely to achieve their weight objectives. "Recent research published in JAMA Network Open suggests

that WW is more than two times more effective for weight loss than do-it-yourself methods,

Sassos explains. The tracking and community support features of the WW app are likely to have an impact in success rates as well.