The Yankees can only fire Aaron Boone one way, and it has never occurred prior.

For the first time in decades, the Yankees are playing out the string, but it is not fair to assume that manager Aaron Boone will lose his job as a result.

According to four individuals with firsthand knowledge of the Yankees' inner workings, there is only one way Boone will be fired:

Managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner would have to overrule GM Brian Cashman and his baseball operations staff. 

Steinbrenner is not actively responding to media questions, including those regarding this story.

 He will not make a final decision on Boone until the season is over.However, if Steinbrenner does make a change, 

will go against his entire track record of accepting Cashman's managerial suggestions. 

To yet, there has been no mention of this happening within Cashman's baseball organization.

"Boone is an asset, not a part of the problem," a high-ranking Yankees official remarked.

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