These Three Zodiac Signs Have the Most Bookworms

How long do you spend browsing your local bookshop before buying a book? If you answer more than 20 minutes, you're a bookworm.

 Reading is one of the best niche hobbies. But did you know your zodiac sign may explain your passion of reading? It's true, especially if you have one of these three chart placements.

Some use bookshelves as ornamental displays for their trinkets, while others fill every nook with memoirs, best-sellers, and hardcovers.

These people were victims of the “is a pleasure to have in class” to adult bookworm pipeline, but they wouldn't change anything. 

Astrologer Brandyn Lee says zodiac signs who always have their nose in a book love to study. 

They are also curious and analytical, wanting as much knowledge as possible to make future plans and decisions.

So next time your buddies tell you to put down that page-turner, blame your zodiac sign—if you're one of these three.

Virgos are naturally curious and spend their days in literature. Earth signs desire to know everything, but Lee says they like “books that help them improve their overall lifestyle” best. “Virgos enjoy being inspired by books they read because that knowledge can help others,” the expert says.

1. Virgo

Intelligent Capricorns love to learn, and reading is one method they do it. As Saturn, the planet of discipline and responsibility, rules Caps, Lee says they “read for educational purposes rather than leisure

2. Capricorn

The air sign Gemini loves to read because Mercury rules communication and intellect. Lee tells Bustle that Geminis read books for fun and education because their brains are always processing new information and absorbing new concepts.

3. Gemini