These zodiac signs should avoid GOLD.

Not all gemstones and metals are suitable for everyone, and while gold may appear to be the ideal investment 

or metal to buy for jewelry, it does not suit everyone according to astrology. 

 If we go by zodiac signs, here are some souls who should avoid gold to avert bad luck.

They appreciate their pet's unbounded energy and enthusiasm, which mirrors their own. 

Sagittarians love independence and adventure. Both scientific and philosophical explorations are important to them.

Aquarians are unconventional and forward-thinking. They challenge society by valuing freedom and individuality. 

Aries seek adventure and new experiences. Gold, connected with wealth and worldly belongings, may not suit Aries' adventuresome nature. 

Geminis are inquiring and adaptive. They think quickly and want variety and intellectual stimulation. Geminis, who like change, may not like gold, which symbolizes tradition and status.