Things every introvert wishes people knew about them

Distinguishing between introverts and extroverts is as simple as recognizing where they draw their energy

Introverts expend it in social settings, while extroverts thrive on them. As an ardent introvert myself, I've always resonated with this distinction.

Introverts face a unique challenge; their inclination towards solitude often leads them to internalize thoughts and feelings that could benefit from expression

This article endeavors to shed light on the introvert's perspective and unveil 11 insights that introverts wish others understood about them.

Solitude's Rejuvenatio: Introverts aren't antisocial; they require solitary time to recharge and process experiences.

Thoughtful Silence: Introverts aren't disinterested when quiet; they're often engaged in deep reflection.

Meaningful Conversations: Superficial chit-chat may not appeal to introverts; they thrive on conversations of substance.

Crowds and Overwhelm: Crowded environments can be overwhelming for introverts, leading to fatigue

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