Tom Holland's astrological profile sheds light on the charismatic actor's character.

The English actor is a global celebrity with boy next-door charm. With his title role in 'Spider-Man', Holland's wit and relatability have made him a global sensation.

Holland, 26, has that perpetual boyish smile and disposition that makes everyone want to be his BFF, whether it's his adorable relationship turned romance with Zendaya, the Queen of Gen Z

What makes him honest, pleasant, and childlike? What's next for him and Zendaya? This pop culture astrologer can see everything, so let's explore his stars.

Tom Holland was born June 1, 1996. A free-spirited Gemini Sun and feisty Sagittarius Moon. We'll focus on what we know as his birth time hasn't been confirmed online (get me!)

Holland was born on a full moon, so he enjoys attention, is big, and has a “go big or go home” attitude.

His birth chart has mostly Earth energy, therefore he knows how to devote his time and energy in long-term partnerships. First, his birth chart shows that he is sensitive and feels deeply, even though he doesn't show it.

He takes a long time to open up and trust, therefore he occasionally uses comedy to avoid feelings. His Moon-Pluto conjunction makes him introverted and needy for emotional security.

His Mercury-Mars conjunction makes him excitable and can prompt him to speak before thinking. Last but not least, his chart demonstrates how weird, unusual, and eager he is to be himself.

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