Top 5 Stylist-Recommended Women's Hairstyles 2023 

Remember “The Rachel” haircut everyone coveted in the '90s? Aniston's Friends haircut was fashionable. 

Women flocked to salons to get their hair golden and bobbed with layers since it was so famous.

2023's top women's hairstyles and cuts from hairstylists. Hairstyles are in and out of style. 

The 1980s were the most iconic hair decade, according to 2,000 American women. 

Respondents named the 1990s and 1970s runners-up. Women's hair connections have been rocky over time. 

1. Short Wavy Bob PinkVilla suggests a wavy bob: “One of the most important hairstyle trends of recent times is the bob haircut. It's trendy, edgy, and masculine enough to stay current. 

2. Tousled Lob Cut This haircut is adorable! Hair Adviser says, “If you want that glamorous edge that a crop can give but with the flexibility of longer locks, then a lob haircut is a perfect choice.” 

3. Octopus Cut Oprah Daily loves this classic-meets-modern style: “The octopus haircut took off in early 2022 and is here to stay. This shag-inspired cut showcases the delicate balance between grungy and beauty. 

4. Butterfly Cut PureWow recommends the butterfly haircut, which allows for shorter hair around the face without compromising length elsewhere, making it a popular choice. 

5. Long Hair, Layers Glamour says, “Expect [to see] lots of long hair with long, breezy layers. Love natural waves with long layers around the face for movement and lovely baby braids. 

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