top 5 zodiac signs that aren't afraid of themselves

They lack fear and follow their goals without hesitation. The Aries motto is “Be loyal to yourself, no matter what.”

Aries are known for their bravery. They are unapologetic and passionate about their own ways.

Leos inspire us to show our inner light to be honest. They make us howl with self-pride.

They tell us authenticity requires accepting our shadows and infirmities.

Scorpios are passionate and relentless truth-seekers. No matter what they uncover

They instill a sense of fierce pride in us over who we are as a people.

The Leo zodiac reminds us that being genuine means allowing the light from inside to come through

 flaws and all, and to take ownership of our weaknesses.

what they may discover there. They show us that the only way to be real is to accept ourselves fully