Trading with the 49ers in 2021 made the Miami Dolphins seem brilliant.

It all began with a bong, a gas mask, and a Miami Dolphins team desperate for offensive line help. 

The Laremy Tunsil deal has brought Miami so much joy over the years, but it was brought to the forefront of the media headlines again past weekend.

The Dolphins, who received the Texans' third overall pick in the Tunsil trade, traded the pick to the 49ers in 2021. 

Miami would drop to 12 then rise up to six, and as part of the compensation for the 49ers deal, Miami would gain three key starters.

Miami walked away looking spectacular, and all three are expected to be key contributors on this year's squad, except for the 49ers, 

who drafted QB Trey Lance after giving up two first-round picks in the trade with Miami.

The 49ers and Dallas Cowboys completed a trade on Saturday that sent Lance to Dallas in exchange for a fourth-round draft pick in 2024.

A transaction of that scale with that level of failure would result in pink slips for most coaches and general managers.

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