Trey Lance Trade Could Mean the End For Dak Prescott in Dallas

"How did the Dallas Cowboys' relationship with Dak Prescott begin?" James Jones asks. Tony Romo, a 13-year starter, was fired. Every year,

Tony Romo plays at a high level, and the Dallas Cowboys are in the mix and in the playoffs. Tony, on the other hand, was not winning the major games.

So, what did they say? 'You have to go, we'll help you get on TV, but you have to get out of here, it's the Dak Prescott Show.'

It happened with Kirk Cousins. You can't win the big game after six years in Washington. Donovan McNabb played 11 seasons for the Eagles. You didn't win the big game?

You must leave. It's happened with quarterback after quarterback. Jimmy G was in the Super Bowl and the NFC champs, and he said, 'ya know what, we need get better at that area,

you gotta leave.' Dak Prescott will not have any guaranteed money after this season. He'll be paid $40 million this season, and he won't be paid again after that.

You have a young quarterback making $5 million [Trey Lance]. If the Dallas Cowboys lose again this season due to Dak Prescott, you can know Jerry Jones did not make this decision for nothing, and Dak Prescott is fighting for his job.

Dak must go out there and perform well, or he will not be wearing a Dallas Cowboys uniform. He'll be traded or released—they can't just let him go—but they'll get him out of there and go young."

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