Virgo to Leo: 4 Zodiac Signs Who Lament Friendship Breakups More Than Romance Breakups

There are star signs whose hearts are etched with friendship like gems. Their emotional intensity is like a heartfelt symphony

with each note a verse. They build strong attachments and are more sensitive to friendship dynamics than love ones.

Since they invest a lot of emotional energy in their social network, losing a close friendship may be especially traumatic for them.

These people can be more affected by losing a friend than losing a romance. See who they are:

Leos are devoted and proud. In after-school sports or at the gym after work, they share numerous memories with their friends.

Thus, breaking up with a good friend can feel like losing part of their history,

making it more traumatic. Leos are also deeply wounded if a BFF breaches their confidence or breaks up unexpectedly.

ire signs take alliances seriously and may have high expectations of friends. As a personal relationship based on who Leo is,

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