What Does Each Zodiac Sign Do in Love?

Love, the greatest and most mysterious force in the world, has a special way of showing us who we really are.

In the astrological cosmos, there are interesting and unique ways that each zodiac sign shows affection for one another.

An Aries in love is a fierce protector of their partner. Love, for them, becomes a thrilling voyage that fires their fiery, 

A Taurus in love transcends their reputation for practical sensuality and unyielding loyalty to become a passionate hopeless romantic. They show their affection for one another by providing security, 

A Gemini's innate ability to communicate shows most when they are in love. They show their affection for one another via lively discussion and fun teasing.

The sensitive and kind Cancer becomes a fierce protector when in love. Actions of dedication, emotional support, 

When in love, the confident and gregarious Leo transforms into a flamboyant showman. They show their affection for one another with extravagant gestures, romantic dates, 

In love, a Virgo's characteristic thoughtfulness and pragmatism become even more apparent. They show their affection by always going above