What exactly is a "healthy" weight-loss eating plan?

The present media frenzy and flip-flopping over high carbs against low carbs or high fat versus low fat makes it impossible to know the “right” way to eat for health or performance. Eating like a caveman?

 Test and choose an eating pattern that works for you to achieve optimal health and weight management. 

Weight loss is simple: consume less calories from food and drinks and burn more calories through exercise and everyday physical activity. You'll lose weight as your body burns fat

 But weight management is complicated since there are many aspects you can control and others you can't.

Food kind and quantity are usually under your control. However, deployment, travel, and training may limit your dietary choices, so not every eating pattern is perfect for you. 

When injured or needing extra nutrients, your preferred eating patterns may not be acceptable. High-intensity training or a mission may cause your weight-loss diet to underfuel.

“Unique metabolism” refers to how your body metabolizes food and how activity, genetics, and environment affect nutrient demands. Other “biochemical individuality” characteristics that regulate metabolism are still being explored.

Eat what works for you (not your neighbor, spouse, or gym buddy): foods that invigorate and reduce weariness, reduce cravings, and support health and performance.