What Exactly Is the Galveston Diet? Pros and Cons, as well as What You Can Eat

We examine the Galveston Diet, a doctor-designed weight-loss program for perimenopausal women.

Many women experience uncomfortable weight gain after menopause due to hormonal changes, aging, and lifestyle concerns. 

Obstetrician-gynecologist Mary Claire Haver, MD, found this true for herself and her numerous patients who could no longer lose weight with "eat less and move more." 

After 50, implement these 10 eating modifications. 

Thus, Haver created the Galveston Diet to help middle-aged women lose weight and combat menopause.

Read on to understand what you can and cannot eat, if it's healthy, and the advantages and downsides of this diet plan.

Anti-inflammatory foods and intermittent fasting reverse menopausal weight gain in the Galveston Diet, a self-paced weight loss program.