What Exactly Is the Mediterranean Diet? A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide

Today, a "diet" is mainly a limitation that helps us lose weight. The Mediterranean diet is the opposite. It promotes a Mediterranean diet that incorporates Spanish, Greek, Italian, and French mainstays

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Mediterranean dieters consume a plant-based diet rich in vegetables, olive oil, and omega-3 fatty acids from fish. A heart-healthy diet.right uparrow

"This diet is rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, seafood, nuts and legumes, and olive oil," explains University of Massachusetts Amherst professor emerita Nancy L. Cohen, PhD, RD. This plan restricts red meat, sugar, and dairy 

This diet leaves little room for processed food. A plate should be colorful; poultry may be a side dish while produce is the main event.

Mediterranean diets allow low to moderate amounts of red wine, which people love. “Moderate” indicates 5 ounces or less per day 

There's no formal way to follow the Mediterranean diet because it evolved gradually over generations in a region. Popular because it's a balanced, non-restrictive diet

Mediterranean diets include three to nine vegetable portions and two fruit servings per day.right uparrow Fresh, whole foods contain disease-fighting antioxidants, thus eating them lowers illness risk