What Flavor of Ice Cream Best Describes Your Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign, whether you believe in it or not, might reveal something about your personality and thought processes, 

not unlike your preferred flavor of ice cream. Each of the 12 zodiac signs, from Aries to Pisces, 

corresponds to a specific region of the sky that is traversed by the sun, moon, and stars. 

This chart is used to determine how the planetary transits of the year will affect your life at any given time (a horoscope reading).

But just as there are many distinct ice cream flavors, there is no "best" sign. This is despite Tasting Table's rating of the 32 best ice cream varieties.

More than just the month and year you were born, your zodiac sign reveals profound insights into your personality. 

Every one of the zodiac's 12 signs—whether you identify as a cardinal, fixed, changeable, fire, earth, air, or water sign—brings something special to the table.

You can see these characteristics in the way you act, think, and even make choices, but that doesn't mean you have to eat only the ice cream

flavor that is traditionally linked with your zodiac sign. These scents, sensations, textures, 

and hues all stand in for the corresponding characteristics of the various symbols.

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