What Is A Female-Led Relationship And How It Works

Contrary to popular belief, a female-led relationship (FLR) is not only a breath of fresh air for women and men looking to redefine themselves, 

but it is also a developing theme among young couples. Though still frowned upon in some respects by society,

role reversal in partnerships is gaining acceptance among both men and women.

But what exactly is all the fuss about? What happened to equality? Is this the result of feminism? Is this how all relationships will be from now on?

How do I obtain a FLR? Oh, oh, well. Keep your cool before leaping to big conclusions. Nobody is going to conduct a life-changing magic spell one day.  Collier is a 6-foot-5,

Your concerns about being in a relationship led by a woman are understandable, which is where we come in. 

We understand how difficult it may be to handle this, which is why we are here to solve all of your issues. 

A female-led relationship, or even a wife-led marriage, is one in which the female wears the big boy pants among the couple. Since it's 2021, 

she can technically wear those kinds of trousers if she wants, but more significantly, this new phase of relationships has something completely unique to offer.

But don't get us wrong: this is the kind of feminism that benefits men as well as women. There is no need to develop a book or anything on female-led relationship principles in order to implement this.

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