What Is The Purpose Of Life?

We are driven by a desire to understand our place in the great expanse of the cosmos as sentient beings.

The meaning of life is a multifaceted question that weaves together the threads of our goals,

experiences, and cosmic alignment. Let us, guided by the stars, dig into this rich tapestry to discover the essence of our existence.

Astrology, sometimes known as the language of the cosmos, provides a unique viewpoint on the meaning of life.

The birth chart, which is a snapshot of the cosmic energies at the time of our birth, acts as a roadmap for our soul's journey.

The planets' placements, the arrangement of the signs, and the aspects they produce depict our strengths, struggles, and the lessons we are here to learn.

According to astrology, we are on a journey of soul evolution, passing through lifetimes to learn and improve.

The Moon's nodes, known as the North and South Nodes, reflect our karmic lessons and the areas of life we are here to master.

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