What Your Face & Physical Appearance Looks Like, as Told by Your Rising Sign

Do your zodiac sign and face share anything? Certainly, your ascendant—your rising sign. The rising sign represents your personality and worldview in astrology. 

It's the first spiritual layer to interact with your world! It can also describe your public face, including your body shape, physical traits, and emotional expressions.

To make matters more fascinating, all 12 rising signs have unique appearances and eccentricities. Cancer risings, who are romantic and caring,

The zodiac sign that rose on the Eastern horizon when you were born is called the "rising sign." Astrologically, this is when the soul enters the body. 

The rising sign (or ascendant) might reveal your appearance. Everyone's first impression of you. Your rising sign controls your appearance, behaviors,

To find your ascendant or rising sign, enter your date, time, and birthplace in this natal chart calculator! You may look like this, according on your rising sign:

Birthmarks and scars are common in Aries since they dominate the head. They also appear "baby-faced" and younger than they are. 

Aries risings have strong shoulders and narrow hips on muscular frames. Even when they don't exercise, they appear agile or athletic.