Where to travel in the USA – based on your zodiac sign

Aries, ah. Like the Pilgrims who first arrived in Massachusetts in 1620, you enjoy ramming (geddit?) your way through life with zeal,

impulsivity, and naive optimism. Yes, a lot of them passed away. However, the New World was effectively established by the remaining people.

Being straightforward in your outlook on life, you dislike pointless nuance and have the same direct manner of speech as Bostonians.

Take a hot dog, watch the Red Sox, and tell the umpire what's on your mind.

I'm not really an expert on zodiac signs, believe it or not. Nevertheless, after speaking with Gwyneth this morning on Zoom,

I've learned that while Tauruses are renowned for their constancy, drive, and mental tenacity,

The zodiac sign with ththey can also be a little crazy and have a propensity to take pleasure-seeking to extremes.e greatest capacity for compassion is Pisces.

So, Taurus, where would be a better place for you to go than Sin City itself? Play the dice and indulge in a hedonistic binge of liberation and filthy entertainment.

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