Which Avenger does your Zodiac Sign make you

Iron Man and Aries share many similarities but sarcasm & intelligence are two foremost and we all know these qualities make him stand singularly in the Avengers team.

Reliance and stability are the two major features of a Taurus. Gamora is the epitome of trust in MCU.

This air sign is fun-loving and always enthusiastic. It matches with the Ant-Man because Geminis adopt changes quickly.

In the vein of self-reluctance that took Doctor Stephen Strange on the path of self-discovery & a world beyond human affairs, a Cancerian has the tendency to stumble in emotions.

Odin son, the god of thunder Thor is often loud and people notice him. The fire sign Leo has many similarities like Thor.

You all know why Virgos are Vision. Virgos are a perfectionist and so is Vision as an Avenger.

Scorpios are the epitome of strength and boldness. Black Widow is the bravest Avenger.

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