Which Is a Healthier Breakfast: Pancakes or Eggs?

Which is healthier: pancakes or eggs for breakfast? Consider each and pick which is best for you to start your day.Best meal of the day is breakfast. 

 I stick to toast, peanut butter, fruit, and yogurt. When I have more time or go out to dine, I must decide: pancakes or eggs?

As a nutritionist, I know pancakes and eggs are healthy home cooking options (more on that below).

 Let's compare the health benefits and drawbacks of pancakes and eggs, and I'll offer you my opinion.

Typical pancakes use white flour, which is poor in fiber and less filling. Protein, another meal component that keeps you full, is low in pancakes.

How's a pancake without maple syrup? This or a maple syrup knock-off adds sugar to your dinner, which is tasty but doesn't fuel you in the morning. 

 The white wheat and sugar might also raise your blood sugar till the crash.Making pancakes from scratch can be nutritious.