Which Plant Milk Is the Healthiest for the Environment?

When I went plant-based, there weren't many nondairy milk options.

That has changed, but with so many plant milks available, it's crucial to examine their environmental impact.

Although plant-based milks are less resource-intensive than dairy, they nonetheless have an environmental impact (1, 2, 3Trusted Source).

I observed that different plant milks had varied natural resource and greenhouse gas footprints in my search for the most eco-friendly.

Understanding the resources plants need to thrive and their footprint is crucial when comparing plant milks' environmental impact.

A recent study that compared the environmental impacts of dairy, soy, almond, oat, and rice milks from over 10,000 farms found that nondairy milk is better for the globe (4Trusted Source).

Dairy may produce three times more greenhouse gases and nine times more land than plant milks.