Workout You Hate Most, By Zodiac Sign

There is a significant difference between people who actually enjoy running and others who would rather remain in and practice yoga in bed.

Although there are many different elements at work, your zodiac sign unquestionably influences which workout you detest the most.

Astrologer Stina Garbis advises blaming your sign's modality if you absolutely detest a particular practice.

According to her, a cardinal sign indicates a preference for direct, quick-paced activities.

There's a considerable probability that you prefer to stay in and concentrate on colder pursuits if your sign is fixed. And according to Garbis,

if your sign is changeable, you are probably meek but also a little eccentric. Your modality may help you explain why you've always been drawn to intense boot camps or quick group exercise programs.

Your energy levels may also be influenced by the element associated with your sign, which may determine whether you enjoy or detest more demanding workouts like HIIT classes.

According to Garbis, water signs are more subdued while air signs are unpredictable and exuberant.

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