World Cup kiss scandal: Why is it so hard to Replace Spain's football boss?

Everything around Luis Rubiales has been falling apart since he kissed Spain's Jenni Hermoso on the lips without her consent following the Women's World Cup final in Australia.

Nonetheless, the most powerful man in Spanish football maintains his position, tainting the women's team's victory and threatening to perpetuate sexist behavior in the women's game.

Following an extraordinary general meeting of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) at which Rubiales was expected to resign,

"I will not resign," he said up to five times to the audience's cheers. He mentioned "social assassination," and his mother declared a hunger fast until Jenni Hermoso "tells the truth."

All the while, the women's football world accuses the Spanish federation of "profound misogyny."

The great question as the world watches events in Spain unfold like a telenovela is why Rubiales hasn't quit yet.

Many people are wondering why the Spanish federation did not take a tougher stance while waiting for Rubiales' resignation.

Despite representing Spain in football contests, the RFEF can make independent decisions because it is a commercial organization with no state backing.

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