Yoga for weight loss: More than just calorie burning

Obesity has several causes, thus losing weight is difficult despite your best efforts. A family history of weight difficulties increases your risk of weight management issues

A diet high in ultra-processed foods, sugar, and fat and inactivity contribute to weight gain. Stress, mental health issues, drugs, poor sleep, and hormonal changes all lead to weight gain.

There are many strategies to lose weight, but no single solution. Yoga may help you lose or maintain weight. Yoga has been shown to reduce stress, boost mood, limit emotional eating, and build a support network, which can aid weight reduction and maintenance.

You may burn calories and build muscle and tone with yoga. Joint pain may decrease with yoga, allowing you to exercise more and boost daily activities. These are only some yoga benefits.

Yoga reduces stress, which can cause weight gain.

Stress can induce physical discomfort, sleep deprivation, or psychological anxiety and agitation. Stress raises cortisol. Cortisol raises belly fat, lowers muscle mass, and increases fat and sugar cravings, leading to obesity.

Yoga can lower stress and cortisol, improve mood, reduce anxiety and depression, improve sleep, and reduce the need for weight-gaining drugs for chronic illnesses including hypertension and diabetes.

Yoga teachers and skilled practitioners can motivate new students to live healthier. Research reveals that social networks affect weight-related behaviour. Joining the yoga network can help you lose weight by promoting healthy habits.