Your Weekly Horoscope: September 3–9, 2023

Cosmic creatures, welcome to the post-Venus Retrograde universe. We will experience this first week of Venus

being direct in Leo as a fresh start. As we become used to Venus' direct motion, we'll probably feel a lot lighter,

but for the majority of the month, we'll still be in a post-shadow period, so be cautious when reuniting with old flames or pals.

Jupiter, the planet of luck, began its retrograde motion in Taurus on September 4th,

therefore financial things are probably going to gradually become better this week. Jupiter will continue to move backward until December 30th,

making us reassess our ideals and priorities while also recognizing our relationship with material things.

Plot twists will abound this week as well because Uranus, the planet of surprise, is also retrograde in Taurus

By constantly reminding ourselves that control is an illusion, we hope to free ourselves from the urge to be in total command.

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