Your Workday Horoscope for September 5, 2023

Aries You're eager to prove yourself. The situation doesn't require independent thought unless you're in command. You may not be brave, but wait for orders.

Taurus One-trick pony can't win them all, but who can? You know you can charm some folks to death. The others should be avoided today.

Gemini Your employment relationships have ended. Deepen things. That doesn't mean romantic intimacy or after-hours rendezvous. Think of yourselves as partners.

Cancer Your enthusiasm is like a flag, but it's ragged and ripped! An energy boost is needed. If you can't obtain one, divert your energy.

Leo Stay in line, especially in client or executive meetings. You may cross the line between appropriate and eyebrow-raising, so easy.

Virgo You go above and above for clients, and they notice. You should devote time now because they'll talk to friends and acquaintances afterwards.

Libra Your current initiatives are fine, but you need to use your brain long-term. Explore some greater thoughts for your near future now.

Scorpio Would you jump off the roof if everyone else did? Today, remember that old advice. Your mother may not be scolding you, but life will if you follow others.

Sagittarius Of course you must act differently at work than at home, but don't caricature yourself. Being cheerful wears thin, and not just on you. Be three-dimensional.

Capricorn The world will teach you discipline and structure if you didn't grow up with them. Avoid that lesson at work. Apply the above ideas before life does it.

Aquarius It's spreading. Changes are large, whether in food selection, waistline, or workload. Allow room for sprawl.

Pisces You may not know everything, but luck is not your friend. Doing right is. Focus on your actions today and act honorably.

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