Ultimate purpose of your star sign

One of the more competitive and ambitious star signs, Aries thrives on achievement and advancement. You love to push things forward, Aries, whatever the field.

Leo babies are a bit like evergreen trees—they always stay radiant, no matter the circumstances. Other signs admire you for your resolve and your incredible spirit.

Another fiery and ambitious star sign, Sags thrive on discovery new things. They have an eternally positive outlook on life and cherish the fact that there is always something new.


Geminis tend to be great conversationalists and are often fantastic peacekeepers. They are sometimes described as the "glue that unites all mankind."

Libras love to have their facts straight before coming to an important decision. They excel in situations that require a fair, logical, and polite attitude.

Often thought of as the most rebellious of the star signs, people born in Aquarius love to defy convention. They value creativity and originality above all, and love to smash stereotypes.

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