Zodiac Signs and Presidents: A Complete Guide

Some of us are used to researching our star signs, but what about our presidents?

Though it may not be as exciting as discovering your compatibility with a new partner,

understanding where our leaders fall on the zodiac can be entertaining and even revealing, depending on your astrology beliefs.

Zodiac signs may not reveal a person's identity, but some astrologers believe they can provide context based on the universe, which has been there longer than humanity.

LisathAstrology.com professional astrologer Adama Sesay believes some signs have more leadership, staying power,

or the capacity to influence others with their voice or presence. Aquarius and Scorpio, the most-elected presidential zodiac signs,

are known for their loyalty to the group, according to Sesay.  “Leo and Taurus follow because they pursue their goals with vigor even when there are setbacks,” she explains.

Astrologers also think zodiac signs can predict election timing. I "We look at where the planets are now and how they're positioned when super-imposed

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